About our staff

Our staff provide outreach, marketing, public relations, design and writing support to a variety of customers across industry sectors.

Denise Kennedy

Denise Kennedy, founder and CEO of Anthology, has over 13 years of communications, outreach and marketing experience, she incorporates industry best practices to ensure that marketing and communications efforts are strategic, message-driven and measurable. Denise's approach combines practicality and problem solving with communications planning and diligence.

Prior to founding Anthology, Denise spent four years at a DTI Associates managing communications and outreach programs for the U.S. Department of Labor, Education and Commerce. In this role, she launched myriad of communications initiatives and programs. Denise brought knowledge and experience in public relations, crisis communications, web, social media, writing, advertising, promotions, editing, branding and graphic design to clients across the government. Denise led and implemented measurable campaigns that helped clients communicate with their stakeholders.

Denise spent several years as a marketing manager for a software development company (NextLinx Corporation) managing and implementing public relations, website, channel sales and marketing programs. In this capacity, Denise worked in a numbers-centric environment where bottom line results and sales drove communications and media activities.

Denise's communications roots began at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide in Washington DC. She implemented media and analyst relations, trade show strategy, speaker's bureau, messaging and other outreach programs for technology and government accounts.

Denise is a frequent speaker on integrated communications and social media. For inquires email

Elizabeth Downs

Elizabeth Downs has 15 years' experience in both for profit and nonprofit industries, developing integrated communications plans that include internal communications, media relations, creative direction, advertising, collateral development and website development and content.

For six years, she was Marketing Communications Manager for First Allied Securities, an independent broker/dealer, located in San Diego. While with First Allied, Elizabeth built a communications department where none existed, developing and implementing strategies and initiatives designed to increase outreach among high-income financial advisors. At the same time, she worked with the leadership team on strengthening relationships with the financial advisors and partners already affiliated with the firm. Elizabeth oversaw communications during significant — and sensitive — business transitions, ensuring employees understood the changes and the effects on them; financial advisors with the firm understood the transitions and experienced minimal disruption; and the financial industry and general public.

Following her role at First Allied, Elizabeth joined a nonprofit organization operating in the international microfinance space, as Director of Communications. In that role, she lead the outreach to microfinance institutions — including banks and NGOs — in the developing world, and directed communications for donor organizations such as World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, Gates Foundation and others. She was also responsible for developing media relations, positioning the organization as the source for the most reliable financial and performance data of microfinance institutions. Under Elizabeth's leadership, the organization saw an increase in outreach of 35 percent.

It's not enough to develop great communications materials; you need to plan for how to disseminate them.