Because no two clients are exactly alike, Anthology integrates services and communications vehicles to develop the "bests collection" for the intended audience.

Anthology's Collection includes:

Strategic Communications Planning

Have a communications problem? The step-by-step process will provide a roadmap for future successes.

"Strat Comm" planning isn't just jargon. It's where we organize client's goals with audience needs and key messages and marry these essentials with a dissemination and evaluation strategy. Quite simply, it's the necessary 360 planning required for any new initiative, product launch, program launch, reorganization, branding initiative.

Branding/Graphic Design

Branding, graphic design and creative strategy aren't afterthoughts! Anthology works closely to ensure that our client's brand carries over beyond any logo, web site or signature piece. The essence of every brand is all of the parts around it, so design and creative strategy stay at the forefront of communications. We work closely with clients and their communications staff to ensure seamless delivery of any creative campaign.

Public Relations/Marketing Communications

Writing, editing, media relations, advertising, tradeshow strategies, packaging, collateral development, promotions. All of these items are communications tools used to disseminate timely, relevant and concise information to our clients' stakeholders and key audiences.

No two clients ever require the same marketing mix to meet their communications goals. Federal clients may be looking more for public service and earned media, while a sales-driven organization may have more need for competitive advertising and trade show strategy. Anthology's focus on our five-step approach for communications planning helps us identify what activities will have the most return on investment for our clients.

Our communications, outreach and marketing services include:

  • Media relations
  • Message development
  • Advertising planning and strategy
  • Collateral design and development
  • Product and promotional packaging
  • Public and government affairs
  • Internal communications (change management communications)
  • Tradeshow planning and execution
  • Web and social media strategy, content development and design


Consensus building and brainstorming are natural extensions of communications planning. Anthology employs trained facilitators who ensure that meetings are organized, productive and purposeful. Facilitation requires extensive experience in understanding how to plan agendas and activities that engage participants without losing sight of the purpose.

Communications cannot work in a Silo. Every member of the organization must embrace the goal and vision as well as the messages that support them.